How to choose a wireless charger for your iPhone 8 or iPhone X

With the release of the iPhone 8/8 plus, more and more people are getting to know the wireless charging. Though the Qi wireless charger can only charge the iPhone with 5 watts, Apple said that AirPower, which will be launched next year, will boost its charging power to 7.5 watts, charging speed will have a bigger improvement.

best wireless charger for your iPhone 8 or iPhone X

iPhone 8 Rumors Wireless Charging Feature

In September, Apple’s new iPhone will have a wireless charging feature, and we’ve had articles about it before. There’s been a new update today about the wireless charging of apple. According to MacRumors, the new iPhone may use an independent charging accessory, which is sold separately. In addition, the accessory may be late, may not be shipped with the iPhone in September.

LG V30 to Support Wireless Charging Dual Rear Cameras

LG V30 will support wireless charging, have a dual rear camera setup and a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. The new leak, courtesy of @OnLeaks, seems to hint at the alleged features of the upcoming V30. @OnLeaks posted about this on his Twitter account and revealed the V30 will support wireless charging, along with a glass back panel.


The WPC this week announced the latest version of its wireless charging specification, which provides three times the amount of power as the majority of in-market Qi charging products. the new 15w WPC wireless spec offers the same amount of power as many wired charging options available today for mobile phones.

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