Wireless Charging Solutions for Office, Home and Public Spaces

Manufacturer of wireless charging transmitter & reciver Module and also an ODM & OEM manufacturer of Wireless Charging products.

We offer wireless charging solution since 2008, Our core business – Wireless charging products development – started in 2011.



About the Wireless Power Consortium

Wireless Power Consortium members know wireless charging is a better way to charge. We’re building a future where all battery-operated products can be charged without messy cables.Founded in 2008, the Wireless Power Consortium has been leading the way in wireless charging with an open standard for all. Here’s a look at some key milestones in our history.

The Wireless Power Consortium is a group of leading manufacturers in a wide range of industries that understand the untapped potential of wireless charging. WPC members include leading makers of mobile phones, consumer electronics, batteries, semiconductors, components, wireless power technology and infrastructure such as wireless operators, furniture and automotive parts.

About A4WP

The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) is an independently operated, not-for-profit organization dedicated to building a global wireless charging ecosystem based on Rezence™ technology.

The A4WP’s goals include:

Evolving and publishing Rezence technical specifications
Maintaining global testing and certification processes
Actively promoting the benefits of Rezence technology throughout the industry
Since the organization’s formation in early 2012, the A4WP has grown to include leading brands from a wide range of industries including consumer electronics, mobile services, wireless technology, automotive, furniture, software and more.

A4WP and its member companies are working cooperatively to create a wireless power transfer (WPT) ecosystem that leverages Rezence technology to deliver a superior consumer experience and a more flexible solution for industrial designers.

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